Approach to Church

1) We intend to provide a live streaming service for those who cannot attend. Those who are still under shielding, clinically vulnerable etc. must not attend church services.

2) Over 70s should not attend although this is the individual's decision.

3) Anyone who exhibits signs of Coronavirus such as high temperature, persistent cough or loss of taste or smell MUST not attend and should seek medical advice.

4) Please do not car share outside your family group or bubble, as instructed by the Government.

5) The Lord’s Table and Sunday School will not be held.

6) Please do not arrive too early

7) You should arrive by the main church entrance.

8) Door stewards - who will be Trustees/Elders - will meet you at the main door. There will be no shaking of hands and we shall all maintain 2 metre social distancing. The stewards will advise on seating, sanitation stations etc.

9) We need to record the names and contact telephone numbers of attendees for test and trace purposes; a nominated person will be at the back of the church to do this.

10) There will be a QR code for visitors to scan if they have the NHS tracing app

In Church

1) The service will mainly consist of Bible readings, preaching and prayer. There will be no singing unless it is pre-recorded over the sound system. Please refrain from joining in. We may also have music via the piano before and after the service.

2) People are to sit at 2 metre intervals, cohabiting families and those in bubbles may sit together but all others are to be separate for your safety. Please maintain the 2 metre social distance from others during your time at church.

3) We will only be using the downstairs of the building; the kitchen and vestry will be closed off.

4) Shared hymn books, church Bibles and notice sheets will not be used. You may bring your own Bible but please keep it on your person rather than putting it on multiple surfaces throughout the church. Where possible Bible readings etc. will be on the TV monitors.

5) The congregation will be reminded each week during notices about Covid 19 arrangements.

6) Paper tissues will be provided at the back of the church.

7) Additional coat racks will be provided to ensure clothing is not touching.

8) You are encouraged to bring your own water when needed. Small sealed bottles of water will be available at the back of the church. Feel free to consume but do not use a church cup, please drink from the bottle.

9) Whilst toilets are available, if possible, you are encouraged to reduce usage. There will be a one-in-one-out system in place for both ladies’ and gents’ toilets to ensure social distance. The disabled toilet will be unaffected. Sanitiser will be available in the cubicles.

10) Please make use of the hand basins for washing hands - one person at a time. Where possible doors will be wedged open to prevent having to touch handles, push plates etc.

11) Increased ventilation reduces the risk of infection so some windows and doors will need to be left open. Please ensure you have adequate clothing as the temperature will be a little lower than usual.

12) A face covering must be worn.

Leaving Church

1) We will not be serving drinks after the service.

2) Please leave the building as soon as the service is over and do not obstruct passageways.

3) Please leave the building via the exit door near the piano; for those who cannot please exit through the main church doors.

4) Please do not congregate in the car park after the service but rather move away completely from the church premises as soon as the service is over.

These arrangements and procedures are subject to change due to ongoing Government and scientific advice.

Thank you for your co-operation.